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Implante Dental

Implant Dental is a state-of-the-art dental and oral rehabilitation clinic which through dental implants seeks to solve the needs of our patients, collaborating for a better quality of life.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services, guaranteeing the complete satisfaction of our patients, ensuring excellent results.

We also have the latest technology equipment and we stand out for staying at the forefront since 1982, with more than 8750 implants placed.



It is an artificial substitute for the natural root of the tooth. It is a small piece of high quality titanium, which heals in the bone and osseointegrates. Thanks to this fixation we can replace one or more lost teeth, placing on them either an esthetic crown or a prosthesis supported by implants.


It is a clinical procedure that manages to achieve a change of tone of one or several teeth by applying a chemical agent without abrading the enamel, making it whiter.

This is based on the smile design, as the result of a set of procedures that are carried out in order to establish a dental harmony with our physical characteristics, changing the color, shape and size of our teeth. At the end of a design we will have a spectacular smile in appearance, functionality and durability.

  • extracción simple
  • extracción de muela del juicio
  • elevación de senos nasales
  • injerto de tejido blando
  • injerto óseo
  • alargamiento de corona
  • Prótesis Fija
  • Prótesis Removible
  • Prótesis Imp`lantosoportada
Doctors Specialists

Our Team of Specialized Doctors

Meet the team members who will take care of every detail of your dental health

Dental surgeon Professional Certificate 928289 University of Guadalajara (1978-1982)
Recognition of scientific work: THE WHITE HOUSE BY BILL CLINTON (1995)

Active member of American Academy of Integration (1993) Active Member ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists 1987)

New York University Diploma (1989)

Loma Linda University Diploma (California 2000-2001)

University of Puebla Diploma (2008-2009) Recognition of the SEP

Updates: United States, France, Japan, England, Spain, Germany, Canada, Taiwan, Argentina, Holland, Italy, Mexico, China.

Bachelor of Dentistry 2012-2016 Cuauhtémoc University of Guadalajara

Diploma in Prosthodontics 2016-2017

Postgraduate in Oral Implantology 2018

Coppel Dental Academy. (Madrid Spain)

Currently a member of ICOI.

Publication of clinical case in Osteogenes about crestal expansion with simultaneous implant placement and immediate loading in Coppel Dental Academy.

Congress in Virginia on bone regeneration (LifeNet Health)

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Frequent questions

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1- You should wait at least 2 hours after the surgery to start drinking or eating something.

2- The same day of the surgery you should avoid brushing.

3- On the same day of surgery it is important that you rest as much as possible. If you practice a sport regularly, we recommend that you suspend the activity for a week.

4- After the intervention, the implantologist prescribes certain analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medication both to fight the pain and inflammation and to prevent infection.

5- Tobacco is a factor that contributes in a very important way to the success of implants both in the short and long term.

6- If with our natural teeth is important to be rigorous with hygiene, once we have implants this importance increases even more. Therefore, maintaining a good routine of care will contribute to last throughout life.

An implant that is given the necessary care can last for a lifetime.

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